Virtual lessons on orchestral excerpts and orchestral audition preparation.

With a number of music festivals and schools being cancelled this summer, Knoxville Symphony Orchestra Concertmaster William Shaub is presenting a one week virtual workshop on orchestral excerpts. 

For one week this summer, June 22nd-June 29th, apply for a course specifically on the pieces you will be playing for auditions and in the orchestra. 

Each day, participating violinists will receive a 45 minute online lesson in the morning and a 45 minute online masterclass in the afternoon. On Wednesday and Friday, we will have virtual group performance classes followed by mock orchestral auditions, featuring all participating violinists. 

Participants will be e-mailed a packet in advance which includes the orchestral excerpts to be covered for the week, in addition to guiding materials related to audition preparation.

William Shaub serves on the summer faculty of the Eastern Music Festival and East Tennessee State University's Chamber Music Festival.

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(Registration now closed - more information on the 2021 Seminar will be announced) 


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